CFO Club — an association of professional financiers and strategists of commercial and non-profit organizations.


CFOs, heads of financial institutions, top management, business owners, the company’s strategists can join the Club

To join the CFO Club, the applicant should:

1) apply by filling out the application form;

2) accept the code of the community;

3) have recommendation from a member of the CFO Club

4) receive confirmation from the board of the club;

5) pay a club card;

6) sign the contract;
The decision to accept or to refuse member of the Club is made by the Board of the Club during one month.

 Advisor’s quota — the ratio of advisers to the professionals of the real business sector 1/5. Also, there are special conditions of joining: the status of a partner of the Club (Company logo placed on the page PARTNERS banner placement on 3 pre-selected events participation in discussions to offer services if they are relevant to the theme of the meeting). 
For more information, contact us by phone. + 38044-20-99-391 or Email
Benefits of membership in the CFO Club:

• Visiting a minimum of 36 events of different formats (master classes, round tables, business lunches, business games). We guarantee to hold three events per month. Calendar is in section Events;

• Getting the most relevant and professional information at first hand;

• Ability to participate in the relevant committees of the state;

• Ability to express an expert opinion in media (currently being registered media) and our portal;

• The possibility of permanent residence within the business community;

• Access to the private base of contacts of all members CFO Club;

• The possibility to communicate with the members of the Club by organizing personal meetings;

• Get advice in finding jobs and candidates.